Face Makeup and Sensitive Skin

Face Makeup and Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is so common that almost 45-50% of women are having sensitive skin. The first thing to remember for makeup for sensitive skin is to choose the right products especially your foundation. If you have sensitive skin, you should choose cosmetics which are hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic and if possible fragrance-free. It is also good to choose foundation with the sunscreen functions (i.e. SPF) which can help further protect your skin from sunshine. Dermatologists generally recommends SPF15 or higher for normally daily activities.

Whenever possible, choose powder foundation instead of liquid one. Powder foundation compared to liquid one is actually with much less preservatives as there is no moisture, which is one of the essential living conditions for bacteria. Besides, another good point for powder foundation is that it can do a good job on reducing the shininess on your face.

Try not to use waterproof cosmetics though it helps you keep looking good in some moments. As the word waterproof signifies, you cannot use water alone to remove your makeup, instead you need make up remover which also remove your skin natural sebum. Sebum is a secretion from your skin sebaceous glands, which acts as a natural protection and moisture to your skin. Therefore, if you remove your natural sebum, your skin is more exposed to every kind of irritants.

Finally, like other skin care products, makeup applied on your face is actually the food for your own face. All the food in the world has expiry date, and so do makeup. Check expiry date for your makeup regularly! Normally, makeup products are with 1-2 year expiry period when they are unopened, but once they are opened, try to use up the cosmetics as soon as possible as they are exposed to bacterial attack once they are opened.

For sensitive skin, normally, doctor will advice you not to put on any makeup if possible, but if you really need makeup, do pay attention when you are choosing and using your makeup.


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